We’re different than most ad agencies.

Don’t get the wrong idea — we still do ads. We really love doing ads. We also handle branding, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, logos, websites, packaging... you get the idea. But it’s how we do it that’s different. No creative egos or pompous attitudes. No nickel and diming. Just the mindset of listening and working with our clients instead of only working for them. Teamwork. Imagine that.








Bob Ford started Whutta Design in 1993 and has been providing advertising, brand development and graphic design for a diverse array of clients. His philosophy of fairness and method of creative partnership with clients has molded the business into a success. Bob started his career in the corporate marketing department of AT&T and has worked at various agencies. He has also taught college courses in advertising and design and given lectures on branding and marketing at various events.







We know… we know. It’s all about the work.

Whutta Design handles a wide variety of services — from copywriting to branding and design development on pretty much anything involving marketing and communications. 

Take a look below at a selection of projects Whutta Design has done over the years. Everything from national ad campaigns to brochures, packaging, illustration and logo design.

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book cover design





Like what you see? Contact us below or give Bob Ford a call at 717.309.8392 to discuss any upcoming projects. We’d love to get started working with you.